OS/DB Migrations

SAP Migrations

Over the years, SAP has been implemented on a variety of operating systems and databases including HANA and S/4HANA.  Protek has decades of experience in these complex projects of migrating SAP environments to and from all SAP certified platforms to on premise and the Cloud.

Some of the reasons why an organization migrates to different operating system and/or database

Why Partner with PROTEK?

  • SAP Certified Migration experts
  •  SAP Certified Basis consultants
  •  Comprehensive knowledge of SAP technology platforms
  •  Design and Execute a path to S/4HANA
  •  Deep understanding of source and target operating systems and databases

Migrations Done Right

PROTEK plans and defines the technical processes and sets up your system landscape so you can benefit from all the advantages your new platform has to offer: Stability, performance, and lower total cost of ownership.

Our experts help you identify true costs to formulate ROI studies. In addition, we determine potential benefits, assess hardware sizing requirements.

Migration Plan Designed for Your Business
PROTEK works with your team to prepare a project plan approved by SAP and your organization. We are committed to assisting your team or handling the entire migration process from beginning to end. Throughout the planning process, our consultants provide:

  • Modifications of interfaces to legacy or other systems
  •  Business continuity planning and testing
  •  Backup and recovery planning and testing